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386BSD Design Videos
Open Source Collectables
William & Lynne's Excellent Operating System - 386BSD
The Fun with 386BSD
The Basic Kernel Source Code Secrets
386BSD Release 1.0 CDROM
Salon Technology | The unknown hackers
Source Code Secrets | Linux Journal

Original Book
The Basic Kernel Source Code Secrets

This book, first in a series about the 386BSD kernel, documents the design choices and philosophy of design of the 1.0 release of 386BSD, the first open source operating system. You can purchase a signed copy of a reserved, limited edition from Jolix Open Source Collectables.

Original Article Series
Porting UNIX to the 386

Back in 1991, this series, appearing in US and German magazines, ushered in the era of open source with the first Open Source Operating system. Porting UNIX to the 386, now being restored to its prepublication status and available to all on the web, faces its 15th year anniversary. Relive and remember what it was like back in the late 80's and early 90's, when the world changed.

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